When starting a new job it can be exciting and scary at the same time. This new step can be nerve-wracking as you come to grips with your new role and meeting your new team. But figuring out how the new work place works and the types of challenges you may face can give you a confidence boost and help you calm your nerves. This article will help you overcome these challenges so you can shine at your job.

Fitting in

On your first day you will be introduced to so many new faces which can be a little overwhelming. It’s important to remember everyone has been in this position and people can be very understanding. Have patience that it will take you a few weeks to adjust and remember everyone’s names and job roles. Keep an open mind and attitude to the way the new work place operates. Remember to ask any questions if you don’t know.

All the Information

In the first few weeks you will be learning about the company, how it and your team work and more information about your job role. Not all new employees have the opportunity to go through the training stages and will need to learn on their feet whilst fulfilling the role. To try and lessen the stress carry a notebook to note down any new information and remember to ask questions if you are unsure. This can also help you build your relationship with your boss and fellow colleague by being open and honest.

Time management

This challenge follows everyone from new jobs to old careers. Time management is very important and keeping up with all the information whilst managing your job tasks can be difficult.  Try noting down all of your responsibilities, tasks and priorities so you can keep on top of your time management. By putting yourself into a good routine early on in your job this will help you continue good time management skills which will ultimately make your job easier.

Build Relationships

In the first couple of months of a new job you will feel eager to impress your new team and boss and they in turn will try and make you feel comfortable and welcome. Introduce yourself and make small talk with your new team is a good step to getting along with your colleagues. Don’t forget that a smile can go a long way. Even if you’ve not made a lot of conversation with a certain colleague a friendly smile can make an everlasting impression.