Watch repair services can ensures that your favourite and valuable watch remains in tip-top condition. Remember that every type of watch requires a different kind of expertise to repair and keep it in the best of conditions. They at Repairs by post have excelled in the field and they are considered as the best jetheyllery and Rolex watch repair Company in the UK.

Our online Rolex watch repair services are carried out in such a way that the customer will be left satisfied all the way through. They do offer an expert post warranty kind of service covering all watch types ranging from the world re-known Swiss mechanical watches to even Quartz battery replacement service.

Our expert technical team has received the best kind of training in all types of watches attained at theyll-known and recognized watch and clocks institutions. They have also received extensive practical training and work on experience that makes them theyll ahead of the competitors.


Repair Information

Once they receive the form, they will contact you as soon as possible to have a chat with you on the problem.

The expert team will carry out the initial checks on your watch to determine the problem. The customer will be contacted with the details and the cost of the repair. On agreement, the watch will be logged for repairs which will take a maximum of two weeks. The duration will also depend on the type of repair.


Some companies have performed thousands of repairs on different types of watches. They continue to do so every day dealing with different watch types, brand names, antique and luxury watches. They are well equipped with replacement parts to ensure that they handle any kind of situation efficiently. Some of the most common repair jobs they do includes general movement overhaul, pusher installations, crown and crystal replacement, band repairs and replacement, hand repair and replacement, polish and precision cleaning, Dial refinish and battery replacement.

The replacement parts stored at our premises includes some of the best and exotic materials to give our customer satisfaction. Good examples of some watch materials at our premises are:

l Bands- If your watch requires a new watch band; they have hundreds of replacement types for women and men watches. Some in our inventory include:

Genuine Skagen-dark brown and textured 22mm leather straps with screws Genuine-citizen black leather- 24/18mm- Eco drive bands Seiko Tan Genuine- smooth 21mm leather bands

l Metal bands- Metal bands of quality includes

Genuine Seiko-dual tone fold-over clasp 20 mm-expansion watch bracelet Genuine citizen-20 mm stainless steel watch bracelet Genuine Seiko- men’s dual tone-20mm bracelet

l Battery replacement- They do all kinds of battery replacement for your watch. They are well experienced in replacing watch batteries and deals with large volumes of replacement. They and often service some of the best and popular watch brands including Rolex, Nike, Casio, antique watches etc.

l Tools and equipment- They store every kind of watch equipment and tools to help you in phone maintenance