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LLM Handling are a company that provide a range of different products that relate to manual handling – including pump trucks. Also known as pallet trucks, this product is a key piece of manual handling equipment that will be found in nearly every warehouse or workplace that deals with pallets on any sort of basis. There is a wide range of different types of this product, from manual pump trucks all the way through to electric pallet tricks. They can come in a range of different fork sizes to suit your application and material needs. Different heights are also on offer, depending on what you require. LLM even offer a product that will allow elevation of up to 820mm. Here are the reasons why LLM Handling are the company to use.


LLM Handling are a company based in Surrey, England. They were established with one aim in mind – to provide a superior quality of handling equipment to the industry. Their founders were committed to supplying only premium handling equipment that had been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Still to this day, all the equipment that they sell is designed and manufactured in the UK. This allows them to oversee the whole process, so that they know what they are selling is only of the highest quality.

Pump Trucks

Background: Pump Trucks

Not only is their range of pump trucks wide and diverse, so is the rest of their products and services. They provide a comprehensive, hand-picked range of scissor lift tables, stacker trucks, warehouse equipment and a range of supporting services. Their staff are a dedicated, experienced team of manual handling and handling equipment experts. This means that they can provide you with the knowledge you need to make the right purchase.

LLM are dedicated to providing an innovative service that stands out from their competitors. They will ensure that all their customers get all the information on products as well as advice from their world-class team, so that they can leave satisfied with their purchase.

The company also oversee a careful packaging process as well as providing accurate delivery times. No part of your purchase is left unsupervised or not cared about at LLM Handling.

Pump Trucks


One of the skills at LLM is that they have handling equipment that will be able to suit every kind of need. Their catalogue is extensive and filled with various different types of equipment as well as a wide range within each product as well.

LLM’s second skill is the extremely competitive prices that they offer. All their products are sold at a competitive price for the industry. No matter if you are making one or multiple purchases, you can have confidence you are getting a good price.

Outstanding quality and risk-free products is also offered by the company. All their products are brand new and are tested by LLM themselves. This means you won’t have to worry about getting a poor quality product.

The final thing that LLM offer is peace of mind. All products are delivered within good time, as well as complying with the highest of industry standards. This means your handling worries can be put to rest.