Row of store mannequins with "perfect bodies" as an advert against plastic surgery Scotland

This article examines all you need to know about getting plastic surgery in Scotland. We all feel under pressure to look our best when at special occasions and events, and some people even feel they need to look amazing for work and other regular day to day activities. Unfortunately, thanks to social media a lot of people now feel that they need to look good all the time and document themselves engaging in regularly daily activities while looking their best. The rise in celebrity use of social media and unofficial social media models, young people are experiencing a new wave of pressure to fit into a certain beauty ideal which is washed upon them every time they check their feed. It’s no wonder then that in recent years Scotland has seen a massive rise in the number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures in attempt to help them resemble what they feel or what social media has enforced them to believe is beautiful, in the hope of boosting self-confidence and happiness.

Woman looking at her face in the mirror after having plastic surgery Scotland

What is Plastic Surgery?

The term “plastic surgery” was coined as it derived from the Greek word “plastikos” which means to mould. Originally reconstructive surgeries were developed to correct congenital deformities or injuries sustained in accidents that have caused disfigurement. It is important to note that plastic surgery is a very important aspect of medicine that has helped millions of people feel “normal” and has helped them live a happier life without ridicule or excessive self-consciousness. In the last hundred years or so plastic surgery has slowly developed a sector that although in theory and technically is the same treatments and procedures that are used for medical purposes are applied for aesthetic reasons. In other words, the rich and famous started to pay plastics surgeons to perform plastic surgery that would make them look more beautiful or stay looking younger for longer. Today, after many years of research developments and the discovery of innovative methods there is now an abundance of procedures and treatments both large, small, invasive and non-invasive that can enhance and rejuvenate a person’s physical appearance. As not all these treatments involve surgery, the modern term is aesthetic medicine.

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Dr Darren McKeown for Plastic Surgery Scotland

As with everything that is in high demand, the cost of plastic surgery, or aesthetic medicine has been dramatically reduced so that it is no longer refined to the rich and famous, although it will still cost the average working person a large portion of their income. Dr Darren McKeown is arguably the best practitioner of aesthetic medicine in Scotland, offering a full range of treatments and procedures that will help reduce the signs of ageing and enhance patient’s natural beauty. Dr Darren is a firm believer in helping everyone to look and feel their best, as he knows from personal experience the struggle that life can be when you lack self-esteem and confidence.