Loyalty and trust are two key elements to your consumer. Influencer marketing will increase your consumer base whilst establishing a trusted long-term relationship with them which will, in turn, allow them to develop brand loyalty. According to Forbes, Influencer Marketing is one of the quickest ways to build and promote brands and services in a new way which obtains the consumers trust. As consumers look to their fellow buyers for advice in their purchasing decisions, influencer marketing acts as the newer version of “word of mouth recommendations.” So how can this benefit you?


Influencer Marketing for All


One of the key benefits to Influencer Marketing is that it works for any type of business in all industries. There are influencers from music and fashion to science and engineering that can ultimately boost your business.


No Ad Block Constraints


Pagefair recorded a surge in Ad Block usage by 30% in 2016 with over 615 million devices installing an Ad Block program. For businesses and company’s using traditional website advertising, Ad Blocks can cause significant issues. This can cut off a large percentage of your target audience from viewing your Ad.


However, with influencer marketing this lowers the risk of losing potential consumers/clients and reduces the budget required on advertising.

Expand your reach


Working with a relevant influence instantly allows you to expand your reach into their audience and vice versa. Additional budget doesn’t need to be a trial and error on finding your niche market as your influencer has already cultivated this. As the influencer already has loyal followers they will trust the company or product they are recommending; therefore boosting your brand awareness and client base.


In addition to reaching a large audience, influencer marketing can also allow you to make the most of various channels.



Solidify your Content Strategy


Influencer Marketing can act as an additional tactic to your content strategy that requires little work on your part as your influencer will be more involved in the actual promotion of the product/company. This will ultimately save you time on creating content for your brand which allows more time to focus on promoting your company or product. As the influencer publishes this content it will then provide backlinks for your company website allowing a boost in Google rankings.



Efficiently Connect with your consumer


Social Media has rapidly climbed up the ranks as an alternative to traditional media, becoming the number 1 choice of promotion for most start-up companies. It has allowed business’s to connect with their consumer easily by opening up the dialogue instead of traditional corporate messaging. Twitter recently revealed their research on the importance of influencers and how consumers value their recommendations on company’s or products. Consumers can review their products and experiences with services in real time with potential consumers, reiterating the trust in the brand.


For those eager to learn more about how influencer marketing works and the benefits for your business, you can read the process of these 8 Actionable Steps of influencer marketing.