Convert The Garage

If you find that you are not using your garage for convenient reasons, such as to park your car or using it as an at-home gym etc. it is probably best to convert it into another living space or allow it to extend your living room bigger. If you have a parking space outside, this is even more reason to make use of the garage to extend your home. Converting your garage may add 15% value.

Renovate Or Extend The Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most important selling points for the majority of buyers. A small, outdated kitchen can sabotage a great buying/selling deal. Think about renovating your kitchen by adding modern appliances, neutral, clean colours and if possible, extend it. If you feel the kitchen is dull, add white walls and if possible, install more windows to bring in floods of natural lighting.


If you have the space and the opportunity to renovate a private garden space, do it. Private garden spaces that are modern and simple, can add up to 10% or more value to the property. This can be as simple as installing a garden fence, regrowing dead or patchy grass, and adding some garden furniture.

Upgrade Windows

Windows are a great way of increasing your property value. Switching out old windows for double or triple glazing can help keep noise out, retain heat, improve security etc. Old windows are easier to break into and are more likely to suffer with small cracks and spaces which lets in drafts. This should especially be considered if the house is situated on or next to busy roads.


There is no need to renovate every bathroom in order to add value. By simply painting the bathrooms with a simple and clean colour, adding a new toilet seat and shower curtain are easy, budget-friendly ways to enhance the look of your bathrooms. The most important thing when selling a home, is to ensure that the bathrooms and toilets look hygienic. Ensure to eliminate grout, limescale and dampness.