Pressure vessels are important for the energy sector for a number of different reasons. Through this guide we will establish what pressure vessels are and what role they play in the energy sector overall.

What Are Pressure Vessels?

Pressure vessels are containers which are designed to hold either liquids or gases. They can often hold volatile and dangerous substances which need to be contained within a safe sealed unit. For example industrial plants that are producing gases may have several to store the emissions that are being built up through gas.

There are a variety of other applications for pressure vessels which see them in common circulation such as fire extinguishers and also aerosol cans as well. However in this guide we will focus primarily of the use of industrial pressure vessels within energy sector environments.

Pressure vessels

Why Are They Needed In The Energy Sector?

There are a variety of different reasons as to why pressure vessels are needed in the energy sector overall. One of the main reasons why they are needed within the energy sector is to contain harmful gases. Often in locations such as oil refineries as well as metalwork’s excess gas needs to be stored.

energy sector businesses have a responsibility to ensure that emissions are kept to a minimum and also to ensure that workers on their sites. In order to fulfil this obligation pressure vessels are normally required.

Pressure vessels

How Is The Energy Sector Changing?

The energy sector is changing for a variety of different reasons mainly due to climate change and the political and social action that it is influencing overall. Increasingly energy companies are coming under more and more scrutiny as their practices are examined for malpractice or a disregard for emissions and other environmental standards overall.

In recent years there have been several high profile pollution events such as oil spills and chemical leaks which have put a few large energy companies in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. However many energy companies are trying to do a lot to change this negative perception and help improve the environment around us overall.

The energy sector is increasingly being pushed towards focusing on renewables with more and more companies bidding for contracts in and around scotland to work on either wind farms or tidal energy. It is thought that tidal energy in particular has huge potential as Scotland has some of the the roughest seas and strong waves which could produce generous amounts of power overall.

Pressure vessels

What Does The Future Hold For Oil And Gas?

At this particular moment in time it is hard to predict what the future might be for oil and gas. However contrary to popular belief it is unlikely both oil and gas will stop being used over the next 20 years as they are needed for a wide variety of tasks and equipment can be added to things that burn fuel to ensure that they are more eco-efficient overall. It is likely that oil and gas will continue to be used although worldwide use will likely fall over time with increasingly eco friendly methods of sourcing and then disposing of these fuels/gases.