Climate change poses a number of challenging questions as well as harsh realities facing governments and citizens alike. Significant decisions have to be made about how transport is used and what technology is going to be used in the near future.

Emissions And Climate Damage

There is a clear and ever present challenge that faces nations around the world. The threat from excess emissions and environmental damage is coming about due to large amounts of carbon emissions globally. One of the biggest emitters of C02 are cars and other forms of motorised transport such as trucks.

Therefore car manufacturers have begun to develop new electric as well as hybrid technologies in order to counteract this issue and encourage people to buy new cars and replace their old ones. Electric cars produce zero emissions and are far more environmentally friendly than older cars produced with petrol or diesel engines.

Why Consider Buying An Electric Car?

There are a variety of different reasons as to why you may want to consider buying an electric car. One of the main reasons that you may wish to consider buying an electric car is running costs. Thanks to being powered by electricity , electric cars can prove to be very economical and cost effective.

Currently the cost of electricity as opposed to fuel is a lot cheaper. Furthermore , some cars are fitted with equipment that allows them to slightly recharge on the move. Although this technology is mainly found in Hybrid vehicles.

Another key reason why you may wish to consider the purchase of an electric vehicle is government scrappage incentives. Currently the UK government has a number of different scrappage incentives in place. This means that you could potentially receive thousands of pounds off the cost of a newer car thanks to government incentives to switch to an electric vehicle.

What Is The Electric Car Market Like?

Currently the electric car market is fairly wide with a variety of different manufacturers offering a number of different electric car options. However one of the main issues with the market is that as of the present day the prices across the range are very high.

This means that it can be difficult to source an electric car for an affordable price as the used market for these types of cars is very limited. Therefore there needs to be more incentives or alternatively movement in the market before electric cars become the main form of transport for most car owners.

Another issues which is preventing electric cars from becoming the norm across the country is a lack of infrastructure for electric chargers. There is a stark lack of electrical charging points. This means that it can be a lot more difficult to source.


Overall it would appear that a significant amount of progress needs to be made before electric vehicles become mainstream. This means that more manufactures need to produce more affordable vehicles for consumers as well as more widely accessible. There is likely to be some action on this in the near future.