23 million homes across the UK use gas boilers, they are cheaper to run, convenient, and easy to use, but how do they compare to modern day electric heating systems?

Installation & running costs

Electric heaters are easier and cheaper to install than gas, with the average combi gas boiler costing £2,000-£3,000 to be professionally installed, and £1,000-£2,000 for installation of an electric heating system. There is another, easier option of portable electric heaters, which require no installation. Based on installation alone a lot of people would assume that electric heating would be the way forward, but in the long term you could cut your heating bill in half with gas heating. Gas is on average 4p per unit, whereas electricity comes to on average 15p per unit. This is staggeringly 3-4 times more per unit (kWh).


Electric heaters may be more expensive to run but they are cheaper to repair. They require minimum maintenance and most general repairs can be done by the owner, such as replacing filters or resetting the thermostat. Gas central heating requires yearly maintenance in order to obtain maximum efficiency. The average electric heating system has an average lifespan of 20-30 years compared to the average 15 years of a gas one.


As technology has progressed over the years, heating systems have become much more user friendly. Both gas and electric have thermostats which can give you ultimate control over temperature, and can be set on schedule to suit any life style. With gas and most electric heating systems you cannot control the temperature of separate rooms with the thermostat, although this can be controlled by changing the temperature on individual radiators throughout your home. There is a new type of electric heater called Rointe D-Series which allows you to download an app and control temperatures in each individual room with an accuracy of 0.25 ° C, allowing you to control your heating from anywhere – never go on holiday worried that you’ve left the heating on again!


There are risks involved with any central heating system, gas heating can get a bad rap as numerous people have died from gas leaks, but there are ways of insuring your safety when using both gas and electric. Carbon monoxide detectors can be installed in the home to monitor input into the air and if there are any leaks. This paired with yearly maintenance of the boiler will go a long way to helping you keep safe. Making sure that the thermostat is at an appropriate temperature will help ensure you do not get burnt from radiators and this applies for gas and electric. When it comes to portable electric heaters these should not be left on overnight, or whilst you are out, they should also not be covered by anything flammable as they can pose a real risk of starting a fire.